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Watch TV Everywhere

A FREE service to ALL SGC-TV customers! 

What channels are included?

Each TV Network makes their own decision about what to make available on Watch TV Everywhere. Some are live feeds and others may just offer full episodes of their more popular programs.


How do I register?

  1. Go to

  2. Select AcenTek as your provider from the drop down.

  3. Click on register.

  4. Enter your SGC phone number in the “Account Number” field.

  5. Enter the first five letters of last name on the account in the “Last Name on Statement”. All lowercase. (if the last name has a space within the first 5 letters, it counts as a letter.)

  6. “Verification Code” Enter # from box to right.

  7. Fill in New User Information and click Register.

  8. Go to email address you provided and follow link to activate the account.


How many people can use this account?

This will include up to four users per household. All four devices can be running on the same account number at same time. The first account registered is the primary account. To set up additional accounts you must log in as the primary account. Click on Manage Account then click on Register New Account. Fill out the required information. An email will be sent to the address given to register the additional



How much does it cost?

It is a free service to all SGC-TV customers. Watch TV Everywhere can bring TV programs to your mobile device. By utilizing this service on your mobile device, you may incur additional costs from your cellular provider. Make sure you understand the terms of your service plan prior to use on your mobile device.


Please call our office at 498-3456 or email:

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