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Benefits of a Cooperative Membership

All subscribers to services from Spring Grove Communications are member-owners of the cooperative. Income from our operations is used to defray costs incurred while providing quality services and support. Once these costs and reinvestments in the cooperative are met the SGC board of directors allocates the remaining money to the member-owners in the form of “Capital Credits”. The amount varies from year to year at the discretion of the board. These Capital Credits payments help make our services an even better value. To learn more about capital credits click here


You are automatically a member-owner of the Cooperative when you sign up for and use the services we offer. Another great benefit of membership is the ability to be involved in the decision making process of Spring Grove Communications. You can attend the annual meeting held each year in March. You will have an opportunity to pose questions to the board of directors or, if you really want to get involved, put your name in the ring for a chance to be elected to the board. 


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