Landline Phone

While landlines might sound too old old-fashioned for today's high-tech world, some old-fashioned things are worth holding on to. Your landline service is one. A landline is a reliable connection that helps keep your family safe at all times. 


Basic Landline Service
Residential Service $22.50/month plus taxes and fees.
Business Service $20.00/month plus taxes and fees.

With a landline from your local coop, you get...

  • High-quality voice conversation in the comfort of your home.

  • Peace of mind that your phone will work and deliver the right information to 911 dispatchers in an emergency.

  • Someone you know that will answer the phone when you call, be at the office when you stop in, and come out to your house quickly when you have trouble — you want a local landline from SGC.

  • All the benefits of a cooperative membership, including earning capital credits for the services you use — you want a local landline from SGC.

Do you qualify for Federal Lifeline Credit? click here for more information.