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Viasat Satellite Internet

Broadband Satellite Internet Service for homeowners who live in rural areas with fewer options for Internet service, there's no better option than Viasat Broadband.

Viasat takes satellite Internet to the next level and can be up to 4 times faster than average DSL speeds.


Viasat Broadband is supported by a state of the art network utilizing the new ViaSat-1 Satellite. ViaSat-1 allows you to do more with satellite Internet than ever, including:

  • Watch streaming videos, TV shows and movies with fewer delays from buffering.

  • Share photos remarkably fast.

  • Enjoy better video chat with less jitter.

  • Send and receive files quickly.

  • Exceptionally fast web browsing and email.

  • Listen to streaming music.


Adjusting Video Quality

Viasat customers will want to make the adjustments listed below for each service to get the most out of your video quality and data usage. 



Viasat Satellite Internet Service 


Check your Exede or Viasat usage.

For Technical Support Call:


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