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Why do I have to pay for a landline?

Here at Spring Grove Communications, one of the most common questions we get is “Why do we have to have a landline when we aren’t going to use it?” The answer is complicated, but we've done our best to help you understand. 


As a rural telephone company, the cost of delivering service to all of our 100 square mile service area is significantly higher per household than in a densely populated area. To subsidize the high cost of delivering service, all telephone companies contribute to a fund that is redistributed to rural companies like Spring Grove Communications. The redistribution of those funds is why Spring Grove Communications is able to provide high quality services like broadband internet and digital cable to everyone in our area at a price that is affordable. Now, you are wondering, what does that have to do with your landline? Under the current rules of the fund we have to provide a landline to the customer in order to be eligible for these reimbursements. If we didn’t, we would have to charge nearly $100 for a broadband connection on its own in order to pay for the cost of the individual service. Not only are we required to sell you the landline, the rules dictate how much we have to charge for it. Until those rules for reimbursement change, we will not be able to sell stand alone broadband. 


There are plenty of good reasons to have a landline that most people don’t think of when they pay that monthly fee. Perhaps the most important involves the safety of your family. You may think a cell phone is all you need to stay connected, but it has one huge flaw. Cell phones are not able to give a 911 operator your exact location. So if you can't talk—which is often the case in a medical emergency or a crime in progress—it may be difficult or impossible for emergency responders to find you in time. Landlines give your exact location, even if you are in an apartment building, police, ambulance, and fire departments will know exactly where you are calling from every time.


Landlines won't be required forever. Until the rules change, we will continue to do our best to offer you the best services at a price you can afford. 

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